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AQUAN Water Liberation 50ml

by Aquan

AQUAN Water Liberation 50ml

AQUAN Liberation solution is a concentrate with a higher percentage of myrrh, revered since ancient times for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also helps relieve anxiety and enhances mood.
Aquan Liberation supports physical and spiritual healing.

Suggested Usage-

Using the dropper, take up to 5 drops directly under the tongue three times daily. Or put the drops into a little water and drink. Preferably after food.
Remember to always drink up to 2 litres of good water daily.


Carwynnen spring water, Red Spring water of Glastonbury, water-soluble frankincense and myrrh, monatomic gold.
Enhanced with 528Hz and the use of N52 neodymium magnets.
All ingredients are organically sourced, and frequencies are applied in a safe and controlled environment.

We advise using the "Aquan Water 300ml Bottle" first before moving onto the Aquan "Concentrate" or "Liberation" products.

Our revolutionary living water supplement is created using a combination of water sourced from two ancient springs: one is the Carwynnen spring in Cornwall which has flowed through layers of minerals and crystals and is harvested on a hilltop with views of  St Michael’s Mount and St Ives’ Bay The second is sourced  from the Chalice Well, known as the Red Spring at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in the Ancient Land of Avalon in the county of Somerset.

The combined spring water is then transferred to a preparatory tank which has its own magnetic field, created using large ultra high performance N52 neodymium magnets. This magnetic tuning is supported by a pine cone energy field located directly above the magnetic field, the pine cone being the symbol of human enlightenment, eternal life and regeneration.

The water is then guided through a device  crafted from glass and created using Viktor Schauberger’s theories on water, vortices and implosion. The device creates a vortex which forms a double helix allowing the water molecules to be restructured and reprogrammed, at this stage the water achieves novel properties of reprogrammable memory and high saturation (hydration) effects.

We then add the sacred ingredients gold, frankincense and myrrh which are rendered water-soluble in a process exclusive to AQUAN  These three substances have been revered for thousands of years not only for their purification  qualities for which they were often used in temples, but also for their healing  properties, which promotes homeostasis and supports the body’s natural ability to heal.

Before bottling our AQUAN we apply the frequencies of 528 Herz, the frequency of love; 7.83 Herz, the Schumann Resonance and 369 Herz, the frequency connected to enhanced intuition and spiritual awareness. These frequencies ‘speak’ to every cell of our body as the AQUAN is absorbed promoting feelings of being grounded, connected and loved.

Shelf life: aquan water, concentrate and Liberation 6 months unopened, 3 months opened

How do I store AQUAN products?

All AQUAN products should be kept out of sunlight and in a cool dry place.

The AQUAN water and concentrate benefit from being refrigerated.

Can I use a teaspoon to take AQUAN water?
Yes but not a metal spoon. The water will take on the taste of the metal. Stick to a wooden spoon or the small cup provided with the bottle.

Can I give AQUAN to my pets?
AQUAN is safe for animals but they need a a lower dose. For medium sized dogs and cats, halve the dose. A couple of drops in drinking water is the best way to administer.

I have a nut allergy, can I take AQUAN products?

Our Illume healing cream contains coconut oil. Those with peanut and tree nut allergies are unlikely to be sensitive to coconut oil. If you have any doubts as to whether you are sensitive to coconut or have experienced an allergic reaction to coconut then do not use Illume Healing Cream.

Other oils used are jojoba and apricot kernel oil, neither are nut allergens and are generally safe for those with tree and peanut allergies.
As with any new products, use your own discernment, if you have any doubts do not use the product.

This product contains no CBD or any other Cannabinoids.

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